The Heart Voice

Divinatory tarot of 68 cards

This game was born by observing the movements of life for years, deducting and understanding the strong and fundamental points, through my own experiences and those of others. These cards can analyze a situation as well as talk about the past, of the present and the future...

The drawing method

Draw the cards as you feel, but we can also do as following:
- Shuffle the cards beforehand once or several times
- At the same time think of a simple and short question
- We can also clear our heads
- It is possible to draw up to 5 cards
- Draw the cards by clicking on the Drawing button each time while remaining focused
- For more details, shuffle the cards by asking a question again
- And make another draw

These cards do not necessarily provide solutions, but above all, they help to understand, to enlighten and to inform...


The interpretation for each card

The meaning of these cards try to be first universal. The significations below are only a basic and personal approach of each words representing the cards. But the primary objective of this oracle is the instinctive and primary feeling that the image of each card will inspire each individual, with his or her own sensitivity and experiences.