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- Home studio update
The new songs for her Live Sets :
- Sagace reggae 7:02
- Travelling fish 2:38
- Resilience 4:32
- Stop them to kill 4:57

Exploring the essentials off the beaten track ...

Portrait Iboal Animation


I aspire to broad
To the wild regions,
Where these people in phase
Make ground a miracle,
While we one ink it.

I aspire to the light
Escaped from the universe,
That the Indians venerate
By cherishing the sky,
When we one badgers it.

I aspire to the calm one
Far from all these crashes,
For quite simply being
Faithful to myself,
Without the concern of liking.

I dream of a ground
Where there is no more war,
Were the money is not any more king
Where the instinct goes from oneself,
Without harming neither you nor to me.

I dream to live
Without losing the wire,
By listening to time
By respecting the moment,
My finally Free Destiny !

Song ©Iboal 2009 translated by Cath Larkins ...

Iboal is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, guided by instinct, inspiration and an unalterable thirst for learning and discovery. Born in Paris in 1956, she started the piano at the beginning of the 60s. From 1974 she started composing, and while traveling through Europe she discovered her own technique of repulsed painting in watercolor, ink of color and oil painting. In the 80s she settled in the south of France, where she began to stone sculpture.

From 1989, her style asserted herself between surrealism and the fantastic, influenced by her philosophical and spiritual approach to life. She developed and illustrated entirely over 10 years, a divinatory tarot deck of 68 cards. In 2000, she opened up to the digital world with 3D CAD and Web programming.

Her creative process as a whole remains based on the expression of inner momentum. A concept that resonates with the current developed by the painter Vassily Kandinsky. Her creative impulse can just as easily be triggered by a melody, a chord, a colour, a line, a sketch, a gesture, an inner rhythm, as by an emotion, a situation or a test of existence.

Despite her largely solitary artistic career, she has collaborated with various alternative rock and blues bands, playing electric guitar and electric violin. Currently she is mainly dedicated to composing Live Sets in her home-studio and making digital images.

At the same time she is a webmaster and creates websites with artistic connotations.


Album Organics Organics - 2015 - 35'
Illustrates a more current working method, a more refined and more accomplished style. This album is the synthesis of previous periods, conducive to the illustration of images. The rhythm is always unformatted and creates its groove between the electric guitar, the piano and the synthetic sounds.

Album Providence Providence - 2010 - 41'
Mix of synthetic, piano, electric guitar and electric violin sounds. The rhythms are very electronically filtered, the sound is overall more unusual than in previous albums and more conducive to visual illustration.

Album Intuition Intuition - 2005 - 67'
Composed in continuity of the previous album, more repetitive, more abstract and evaporated. The electric violin appears there and the twenty-minute piece 'Intuition' illustrates a response to one of Klaus Schulze's tracks. The style is already more pronounced.

Album Nomades Nomades - 2003 - 66'
Mainly produced on a Korg X3 synth, it brings together old revisited sketches and others created at the time. The atmosphere is sober, melodic, colorful and conducive to travel.


Album Nomades
For some time by need for renewal, her working method has evolved to allow her to reconnect with improvisation, which is supposed to capture and translate the present moment. The Live Set is close to the Dj Set where tracks from different artists are mixed and chained on a mixing deck, unlike a Live Set where the artist remixes and recombines his own music with much more diversified equipment. The common point of the two forms of set is to have to improvise the sequences by grasping the atmosphere of the moment.

Some will say that it is Ambient music and others will say Trip-Hop, but it remains above all an essentially instrumental music without formatting rhythms and melodies. It is undoubtedly Electro, because it is only done with virtual electronic machines or not. Sometimes and depending on the period, there are guitars and violins, both electric.

Iboal studied the piano at 5 years old, at the end of her adolescence she became a multi-instrumentalist in self-taught at guitar and violin. Her first improvisations on all instruments, embody the beginnings of his future attachment to melodic lines. As her evolves, she strives to merge harmony with rhythm, then acoustics with synthetic music.
Her very first love went to electronic music, with Klaus Schulze at the top of the list, master in the art of giving her this feeling of space and infinity. Since then her aspirations will remain inexorably attached to electronic music.
Her musical expression is nevertheless polymorphic. She is both an electric guitar and piano player in a rock group and an alternative theater troupe, she accompanies two Blues singers on the electric violin and she also creates for contemporary dance and for video.

The material environment of her home studio changes over to time, to her experiences and to her means in order to always have the essentials, while combining economy with performance.

Her instruments :
• Electric Violon Artisan
• Groovebox Akai Pro Force
• Hollow Body Guitar AG95 Ibanez
• Piano Studiologic Numacompact2
• Sequencer Korg Sq-64
• Shorty Violin Bass Höfner
• Synth Rack Dave Smith Prophet Rev2
• Synthetizer Behringer Crave
• Synthetizer Moog Dfam

Her softwares :
• Ableton Live 12 Standard
• Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
• Dimension Pro
• Fruity Loop Studio 21
• GForce ImpOscar 2.0
• Mastering Izotope Ozone 9
• Rapture
• Traktor Pro3
• Z3TA +2

Her equipment :
• Guitar HeadRush Pedalboard
• Headphones AKG K240 MKII
• Headphones Sennheiser HD 650
• Mixing Console Yamaha MG 10XUF
• Microphone Sennheiser E 825S
• Microphone Rode Nt1A
• Samson S-AMP Headphone Amp 4
• Samson Servo 120a Amplifier
• Speakers Alesis Monitor One MK2
• Sound card M-Audio Air 192 | 14
• Traktor Audio2 Interface
• Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2

VignetteAquarelles VignetteHuiles VignetteEncres VignetteTarot

She is instinctive. As a teenager, during her lessons, Iboal already translates on paper with a pen her inner rhythms, composed of tangled lines revealing mysterious characters and landscapes that seemed magical to her. Then she discovers the colors that she mixes like an alchemist and repels them without sketching on the canvas, to obtain her own shapes.
The mastery of her technique allows her to translate more and more precisely her moods and visions of her spiritual world, as perfectly reflected in her divinatory tarot game.
For sculpture, it is still her inner rhythm that guides her in a sort of dance of forms and volumes, through a pure journey of impulses and gestures linked to her instinct.
As soon as she opens up to the digital world, she discovers the possibility of associating the notion of randomness with her work, thus being able to obtain extraordinary results like fractal images, which give her real fascination while offering her endless perspectives.
In parallel time, as a teenager, she was attracted by Photography, which allowed her to transcend certain landscapes, plants and animals she met throughout her life.
And it's by opening up to Video editing that she was able to bring together all her visual creations, all disciplines combined on the same medium, illustrated by her own music.

Thanks to the highlights of her life where she observes her personal experiences and those of others, Iboal collects notes during 10 years. Then she draw the sketches of 68 cards, then paint each of them in watercolor on a small circle of Bristol board with her own mandala on the back. This is how "the Voice of the Heart" was born.
Easy to use, this tarot speaks of the past the present and the future, it answers the questions asked by enlightening without complacency to try broadening our vision, in order to help to understand.


You wish to communicate with Iboal for:
- give her your impressions
- invite her to a collaboration
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- or anything else ...
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